Wasted so much time this morning reconfiguring Outlook for someone, importing contacts and deleting broken profile shit. All I really wanted to do was tell ‘em to just frickin use Gmail. It’s a Gmail account. Screw Outlook. What is the point of Outlook. Grah.

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I just love bad guys. Crowley specially. (I’ve started to watch Supernatural recently… And.. This guy.. Good lord, his voice… And every face, what he makes…)

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Back from Otakon, which was frickin amazing. Went as the 4th Doctor along with my TARDIS, knightofthetrapezoidaltable, which means I’m gonna change my icon to a new picture of me in a few minutes, once I find a good one. But seriously, so many amazing cosplayers. And, uh, first cosplay ever, so it was gratifying that loooots of people wanted to take pictures of/with me. :P More pictures probably to follow at some point maybe.

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you know that one tumblr powerpoint someone made a few months ago about satiation slowly changing the way you perceive humor until at some point you transcend humor altogether and someday we as a society will find only magnified jpeg images of hank hill with the words WEED printed over it hilarious?

i feel like i understand that now. i feel like this is it, this photoset is the surreal, nonsensical apex we are collectively inching towards. it’s vague and incomprehensible and even kind of threatening, but it’s as inevitable as the heat death of the universe and all we can do is submit ourselves to it

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ace Marius and ace Cosette playing boardgames on their wedding night and they’re both exhausted the next morning and gillenormand makes some comment like “you two must have been up all night” and Cosette goes “we started monopoly and played for five hours. it almost ended in divorce.”

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Porky Pig’s speech pattern deconstructed.


:O that was amazing

I always thought they were just random sounds. That’s kind of mind-blowing.

I’m over this man for making it seem so simple lol

"And nobody can do that, and that’s when I have job security."

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cute pairing names

  • otp: why’d you have to fucking die
  • otp: why am i so emotionally invested in this
  • otp: why does your fic tag on ao3 rarely update
  • otp: where’s the fanart
  • otp: you look at each other a lot and every time you do i die
  • otp: wouldn’t it be cool if this was an alternate universe and you met at a diner at like 2 am while it was raining
  • otp: i’m going to cry

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aubrey’s endless list of films you should totally watch:

Reservoir Dogs (1992) 

"They were six perfect strangers assembled to pull off the perfect crime, but when their simple robbery explodes into bloody ambush, the ruthless killers realize one of them is a police informer. But which one?"

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2.06 Trinity
Sheppard Smiling at Things McKay Says

Disclaimer: Not necessarily smiling with any happiness or mirth. Feels are not refundable.


"That’s the trouble with regeneration…"

Castrovalva - season 19 - 1982

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