So I was rewatching early episodes of POI and I got to episode 5 — the one with the judge — and the Number of the week is Dickface Hardman from Suits and suddenly I have zero sympathy, none whatsoever, for what happens to his character, even though I remembered how the episode went and that he’s absolutely the victim and not the perpetrator. xDD;;; 

Just hearing his voice makes me angry now, which is hilarious.

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Suits Season 1 - Bloopers

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C’mon Harvey’s always hated you.

#let’s just talk about #Louis seeing Harvey’s associate #the kid who worships at the feet of the guy who has become increasingly hostile to him day by day #both of them constantly humiliating him and undermining his work and going over his head and behind his back #the kid who could seriously use a reality check but keeps hiding behind Harvey’s skirt #Louis sees that kid stumble out of an elevator with a black eye and bloody nose and split lip and bruised ribs #and he LITERALLY DROPS EVERYTHING #as in he’s holding a box of his own personal prized possessions #because he just QUIT because of that kid’s role model #and he dumps the box on the ground without a single thought #and grabs hold of Mike #bypasses the office first aid kit and goes and gets his own personal one #and sits Mike on the bathroom counter like he’s a toddler with a scraped knee #and cleans him up and bandages and makes jokes like we’ve never seen him do before #because Mike’s just an idiot kid and he doesn’t know what’s really going on with the grown-ups #and Louis has used him as a punching bag before but now that someone actually laid a hand against him he jumps into caretaker mode #there’s a reason Louis is in charge of the associates okay and it’s not just because he knows how to get results #Suits spoilers #I’m crying over here excuse me

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“We were Ralph and Sam.”


“Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog.”

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How not to keep associates from being poached by other firms: a dissertation by Louis Litt.

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Harvey, what the actual fuck. >_____>

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Suits is getting really upsetting, guys. ;___; Miiike. Haaaarveeey.

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And then mood whiplash like whoa when Louis said “I always pay my debts… I am a Lannister.” Snrk.

I haven’t even watched or read Game of Thrones, guys. Damn you, Tumblr.

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WHAT. NO. NOONONONONO. YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME WHEN I’M SICK. WHY DID NO ONE WARN ME ABOUT SUITS. granted, i’m like, what, five months late to watching the last few episodes of suits because of college, and i think i avoided spoilers by tumblr savioring suits for at least 2 months there, but still. FML. THIS IS THE WORST SHOW EVER MIKE BB YOU ARE MAKING MY HEART HURT. SOMEONE TAKE THIS SHOW AWAY FROM ME.

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